Main road with cars and bikes going past a frontage of a school with a highly coloured metal school fence.
2 people walk on the footpath next to a highly coloured metal school fence with posts
A highly coloured metal school fence with posts of various heights

Skippedy Skip is a long, brightly coloured school fence in Glebe.

Artist: Nuha Saad
Curator: Michael Goldberg

Artwork description

Skippedy Skip is a 2.4m high, 80m long brightly coloured metal school fence. The colourful design acts as a link to Glebe’s vibrant contemporary culture.

In 2008 Glebe Public School turned 150 years old and the fence became a celebration of its sesquicentenary, cementing positive relations between the school and local community. The occasion is also marked in the low wall at the right of the school gates.

The colourful fence is a link to both Glebe’s vibrant contemporary culture and its architectural and social history. The fence design is based on the wooden picket fences found throughout the Glebe area, especially those in the streets in proximity to the school.


Nuha Saad lives and works in Sydney. She received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the City Art Institute (now UNSW Art and Design) and a Master of Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.

Her work involves playful investigations into colour and form. She works between assemblage, painting and sculpture, often combining ready-made objects and colour in inventive configurations.

Saad was also awarded a public art commission for Wulaba Park in Green Square.

Glebe Point Road public art program

The Glebe Point Road public art program was a result of local feedback from members of the Glebe community in June 2006 as part of our streetscape improvement program.

Local resident action and community groups proposed the project including public art, in their submission to the City of Sydney's priority projects for Glebe in 2006–2010.

We developed a staged and integrated public art program with members of the community, including workshops, a temporary community art project and permanent works, in partnership with Glebe Youth Services.

The 3 projects selected to be part of the Glebe Point Road public art program were Allan Giddy’s Earth v Sky, Nuha Saad’s Skippedy Skip and Dr Nigel Helyer’s Wireless House.

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