To Sail, To Stop

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Installed 1992
A very large bronze anchor mounted on a marble base.
A very large bronze anchor mounted on a marble base.

A bronze anchor resembling a sailing ship slices through a Tumut marble base, symbolising those who have travelled and chosen to stay.

Artist: Ingrid Orfali 

Artwork description

A very large bronze anchor designed to also resemble a sailing ship. It is wedged into a 4-sided Tumut marble base and surrounded by bollards.

It is located at the entrance to Sydney Square at Sydney Town Hall near George Street.

The sculpture was commissioned to mark the Chinese community’s long association with the City of Sydney as a gift during Sydney’s sesquicentenary. The design portrays both an anchor and a ship with sails furled. In a modern style, it represents the First Fleet leaving England and arriving in Sydney Cove. It’s also the only memorial to Lord Sydney, Sydney’s namesake who sent the First Fleet to Sydney in 1787.


Sculptor Ingrid Orfali was born in Sweden in 1952 and studied in Paris, where she became an associate professor in French literature at the University of Lund in 1983. Several museums in Sweden feature collections of her work.

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