Community safety action plan

Sets out our contribution to making Sydney a safe and resilient place to live, visit, work and study. It describes our commitment to safety and our focus areas for the next 5 years.

Community safety action plan 2019-2023


  • Our local area is home to more than 220,000 residents, and over the past decade had one of the fastest-growing populations in NSW.
  • On an average day, including visitors and students, it’s estimated there are more than 1.2 million people in the city. By 2030, the city’s population is estimated to grow by around 46%.
  • Sydney is recognised internationally as a safe city. In 2016, PwC’s major comparative report on global city performance ranked metropolitan Sydney the third-highest of 30 cities around the world in health, safety and security. 
  • Globally competitive cities are liveable cities, and safety is fundamental to the liveability of a city. The actual and perceived safety of our residents, businesses and visitors continues to be a priority for us.
  • The NSW Government is responsible for law and order, public housing, health and public transport, and leads on responses to these issues.
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