Your feedback on managing Crown lands in the City of Sydney area

Help us shape new plans of management for Crown lands in our local area.

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What we’re doing

The City of Sydney manages 45 Crown land reserves including Hyde Park, Wentworth Park, Victoria Park, Martin Place and many smaller areas. These are special places that help connect our communities and keep our city green. 

We’re preparing plans of management to ensure we look after Crown land reserves based on community, environment and heritage needs.

Why are we doing this?

Under the new Crown Land Management Act, the City of Sydney must develop plans of management for Crown land parks, reserves and civic spaces in our care.

Community land is land that is managed by the City on behalf of the community for everyone to enjoy. Some of the community land we manage is also Crown land.

Crown land is owned by the NSW Government and can be parks, foreshores, civic spaces, ovals and sporting facilities, bush land and community facilities.

A plan of management outlines what the community values about the place, its current and future uses and how it will be managed, maintained and improved.

We’d like your help to shape these plans. We’re inviting you to share your insights into why these places are important to you and your ideas for how they should be managed now and into the future.

We have analysed information about these reserves, including feedback from the community on previous consultations. This information, along with your feedback, will be used to inform these plans of management.

You will find a range of resources below to help you understand what we are doing and why it is important.

Respecting native title and Aboriginal cultural heritage

Our new plans of management must comply with native title legislation. We would like to hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about how we can respect First Nations cultural heritage and custodianship of these Crown land reserves.

Explore some of these reserves as they were before colonisation.

Warrane map 1788PDF · 882.25 KB · Last modified
Respecting native title and Aboriginal cultural heritage fact sheetPDF · 82.58 KB · Last modified

How we use Crown land

Crown land reserves play an important role in the life of our communities. They include civic spaces, well-known parks, places of cultural and historic significance, sporting facilities and local parks and playgrounds. This gallery is a small snapshot of some of the ways we use Crown land in our local area.

Dancers performing during the Yabun Festival in Victoria Park
Rainbow flags flying with Yes printed on them in Prince Alfred Park during the marriage equality vote
Customs House illuminated during Vivid Festival.

Find out more about Crown land in our area and the parks and places that will have plans of management

Crown land plans of management FAQsPDF · 605.07 KB · Last modified

How you can give feedback

There are 3 ways you can provide feedback:

Conversation guidePDF · 237.76 KB · Last modified
Schools kitPDF · 440.12 KB · Last modified

Your feedback

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation's name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Next steps

All relevant information, including insights from this consultation, will be used to develop the draft plans of management. After the draft plans have been reported to Council and NSW Crown Lands, they will be placed on public exhibition. After feedback from the public exhibition is reviewed, the draft plans will be finalised and put to Council for adoption.