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What we’re doing

While 2050 may seem a long time away, we need to plan now. We’d like your students to help us shape the city of their future. 

We’ve started consulting the community on a long-term plan for Sydney to 2050. As part of this process we’ve developed a range of activities to enable primary and high school students to have their say on the real world issues affecting the city and its future.

The activities use our discussion guide, incorporate original art resources, our real world data maps, a virtual reality experience (13+) and creative writing. The consultation session is designed to empower children and young people to have their say on the future of their city.

Our educators and community engagement specialists will adapt this 30 to 45 minute consultation to your school’s needs. We’re available to work with groups of students during normal class times or student representative councils during regular meeting times.

Participating in this session will give your school and its students the opportunity to contribute to the We are Sydney’s Future report. Copies of the report will provided to participating schools.

The report will be tabled at a City of Sydney stakeholder event in June 2019. It will also guide the City of Sydney children and youth summits, where participating schools will be invited to attend.

The 2 summits will be held in August 2019 – 1 for primary students and 1 for high school students. 80 students from participating schools across the City of Sydney local area will be invited to attend each summit to deliberate further on the City’s future priorities.

Each summit will conclude with a presentation by participants to the Lord Mayor and councillors.

Our future Sydney children's summit reportPDF · 3.26 MB · Last modified
Our future Sydney youth summit reportPDF · 2.82 MB · Last modified
Our future Sydney – consulting children and young people about 2050PDF · 1.53 MB · Last modified
Discussion guide – Host your own conversation on Sydney's futurePDF · 8.05 MB · Last modified
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‘I am Sydney’ colouring sheetPDF · 469.13 KB · Last modified
City of Sydney map colouring sheetPDF · 9.56 MB · Last modified

How to get your students involved

Wed love to hear your students ideas about what Sydney could be like by 2050 and how we should get there. 

We’re available to consult with your students in weeks 1 to 5 of term 2, 2019.

Register your interest by using our online form and we’ll be in touch.

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