Walking counts

Walking counts

Walking count surveys

Twice a year we carry out walking count surveys to give us a picture of walking trends across the local area. The counts take place at around 100 locations from 6am to midnight in fair weather conditions, on a weekday and a day on the weekend in March and October.

The survey locations were selected based on the Liveable Green Network, such as locations of interest or where change is occurring or expected.

After each survey, locations may change slightly depending on review information and upcoming construction or new areas of interest in the city.  For example, locations on and around George Street have been increased due to light rail construction.

The locations are detailed in the map of walking count survey sites.

Our surveys use a methodology devised by Danish architect and urban design expert, Jahn Gehl, where counts are carried out for 10 minutes every hour then multiplied by 6 to provide an approximate count for a whole hour.

When the counts first started in 2013, surveys were done manually but technology improvements now allow for data collection through video surveys.

You can download data from our walking count surveys.

Map of walking count survey locations

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Last updated: Friday, 6 December 2019