Lodge a contract for certification work

A written contract with the City of Sydney is required to carry out certification work on your behalf.

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What you need to do

Contract for certification workPDF · 113.95 KB · Last modified

Before you start

You must also lodge a contract for certification work when you lodge or appoint:

  • construction-related applications
  • complying development certificate application
  • principal certifier
  • occupation certificate.

The contract for certification work applies to any of the applications or appointments listed above.

Certification work includes:

  • determining certificate applications
  • carrying out principal certifier functions
  • carrying out inspections under section part 6 of the act
  • carrying out inspections under section 22C of the Swimming Pools Act 1992
  • issuing compliance certificates under the Swimming Pools Act.

After you finish

When the contract is received it will be signed and a copy will be emailed to you for your records.