Pyrmont Community Centre upgrade

An upgrade to increase the centre’s available space to support a variety of uses and improve access for everyone.

Project Status: In progress

Why we’re doing this

There’s strong community demand for the centre’s existing programs and facilities including spaces for hire, the library link, outside school hours care and gym.

Council endorsed the refurbishment of the centre in 2020 and the expansion of the project scope in July 2021. The development application was approved in December 2021.

What we’re doing

The upgrade will add more facilities and enhance the community spaces in the centre.

Works include: 

  • a new 60 square metre community room
  • increasing accessibility with a new lift
  • a new entry foyer, ground floor public toilets and office
  • expanding the gym area on level 1
  • upgrading the first floor showers and adding new first floor toilets
  • converting the existing gym cardio room into a dedicated community space
  • refurbishing the main community hall, library link and level 1 community room
  • upgrading the outside school hours care facilities and courtyard play equipment.
The upgrade will include an accessible entrance from the street.
Artist’s impression

Pyrmont Community Centre upgrade.

Image courtesy of Welsh + Major

Upgrade plans

Proposed ground floor plan. It includes a new entry and lift at Mount Street. As you enter the new Mount Street entrance, new facilities on the right-hand (or southeast) side include new ground floor public toilets, new staff office, new 60m2 community room, and new services. Outside a new barbecue bench and the ground floor courtyard and play equipment will be upgraded. As you enter the new Mount Street entrance, on the left-hand (or northwest) side, the community hall and library link will be refurbished. Some images show examples of the material palette for the upgrade.  They include fine steel columns at entry, green planting, glass windows to street and streel framed windows.
Pyrmont Community Centre plan 1
Proposed first floor plan, including a new expanded gym to the right (or southeast) of the new Mount Street entrance. To the left (or northwest) of the new Mount Street entrance, the plans show existing first floor showers, toilet, community room, and out of school hours facilities that will be upgraded. The existing gym cardio room will be converted into a new community room.
Pyrmont Community Centre plan 2
Pyrmont Community Centre upgrade planPDF · 776.23 KB · Last modified

Construction update 

The roof slab for the new building was poured at the end of October 2023, and all roof steelwork is in place. The final concrete pour will be the stepped concrete wall for the Mount Street entry façade. Internal works on the ground floor heritage buildings continue to progress. The upgrade is expected to be completed by mid 2024.

Pyrmont Community Centre upgrade
Pyrmont Community Centre upgrade
Pyrmont Community Centre upgrade

Programs and services during the closure

The centre is closed for the upgrade. Construction is expected to be completed by mid 2024.

During the upgrade, programs and services are being temporarily provided at our other nearby facilities:

The library link and City of Sydney run programs, activities and employees are available at Maybanke Community Centre, a 3 minute walk away at 87–89 Harris Street, Pyrmont.

The nearby Ultimo Community Centre is available for fitness classes, programs, services and activities that require larger spaces.

Families who require outside school hours care can use the service at Ultimo Community Centre. Ultimo Primary School also provides outside school hours care.

Community-led activities including the choir and community dinner are held at Harold Park Community Hall.

Our employees at Pyrmont Community Centre have temporarily relocated to Maybanke, Ultimo and other community centres. The centre will be staffed when it reopens.

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