Built environment

Good planning and urban design today will ensure the city of tomorrow is beautiful and sustainable.

Why we’re doing this

Space in our city is constrained but demand is high.

Prioritising space for economic, social, cultural and civic activities is essential for sustainable economic growth. Maintaining the high living standards, amenity and affordability of our city, supports the attraction of a talented workforce and provides opportunity for all.

To achieve our vision for a green, global and connected city, we will ensure that the built environment

  • enhances Sydney’s potential for global connection, and accommodates the growth that results from it
  • facilitates economic diversity and growth
  • provides a lively and engaging city centre with a diversity of built form, uses and experiences
  • includes creativity in the public realm, such as public art and the design of the built environment
  • encourages residents and commuters to travel short distances in the healthiest way wherever possible, whether that’s on two wheels or on their own two feet.

Built environment

Land use planning

Our plans and policies provide an urban planning framework for development and conservation in the local area.

Built environment

Central Sydney

Our aim is to ensure growth respects our places, is highly sustainable and resilient, and responsive to climate change.

Built environment

Public spaces

We know that public life needs to be at the top of our agenda and we are taking great care to accommodate for the people populating our cities - our residents.

Built environment

Architecture and design

Our projects have won more than 50 national and international awards.

People & communities


In the past decade, complex accommodation issues have challenged our liveability indicators.

People & communities

Transport and access

Residents, workers and visitors have a right to enjoy safe streets within our local area, regardless of the time of day.