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Making small changes to include people with disability is easy and boosts profitability. Find out how with Zero Barriers.

A person who uses a wheelchair sits in a cafe on a sunny day. He has a mocha and is smiling.

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Boost your bottom line and create an inclusive customer experience.

1 in 6 Australians, 4.4 million people, have a disability. This huge segment of the population is often overlooked as customers. Yet they have spending power and choices of where to shop and how to spend their money. Is your business catering for everyone?

Providing good access at your premises or online is simply good for business – it creates opportunities to reach a greater diversity of customers, generates up to twice the selling power and enriches the customer experience. Whether you own a bricks and mortar business or operate online, there are opportunities to improve access. Most changes are simple and cost-effective.

Pictured above: Tim Ferguson, comedian and IncludeAbility ambassador.

Zero Barriers: connecting businesses with their communities

The City of Sydney has partnered with Zero Barriers to support businesses in the local area to become more inclusive and accessible for people with disability.

Zero Barriers offers a free program that takes a practical approach to education and provides ongoing support and recognition for eliminating barriers.

This partnership is part of our effort to make Sydney truly inclusive. Our inclusion (disability) action plan sets out how we remove barriers to inclusive participation, protect the rights of people with disability and promote the value of diversity and inclusion. It includes collaborating with businesses and disability-led organisations to build their capacity to be more inclusive and accessible.

Why Zero Barriers?

Hear about 3 ways you could make your business more accessible

How it works

Become a Zero Barriers member in 3 easy steps:

  1. Self assess your premises and business operations.
  2. Read the Zero Barriers accessibility guide to get simple, cost-effective solutions and improve customer access and inclusion for people with disability. A Zero Barriers officer is on hand to help you on your journey.
  3. Join the community – receive and display a member logo and be included in the business directory to open your business up to a whole new audience.
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A growing number of businesses have now signed on as part of the service directory, joining 13 NSW councils on board.