Construction traffic management plans

How to prepare a CTMP

As a condition of their development consent, some developments are required to submit a construction traffic management plan (CTMP) to the City for approval. The plan is a report that assesses traffic impacts on the local road network created by the construction of the development.

Your report must reflect the City's CTMP standard requirements and provide a description of the proposed construction works, the traffic impacts on the local area and how these impacts will be addressed.

The City's CTMP guide should be used to help you prepare your report to ensure it is adequate for us to review.

If the works impact a cycleway or shared path, refer to the City's guide.

Please note: The provision of any information in the CTMP report does not exempt any other condition of development consent.

When your report is completed, or if you have any questions, it needs to be submitted to the City planner assigned to your development.

Last updated: Thursday, 20 September 2018