Responding to homeless hotspots

Multiple issues and stakeholders are impacted where a large group of people are sleeping rough.

A person sleeping with a dog on the footpath, covered in a sleeping bag and surrounded by a suitcase, clothes and food.

We have taken a leadership role in providing and coordinating responses to homelessness in public areas. Our work aims to reduce homelessness in hotspot areas including Woolloomooloo, Wentworth Park and Belmore Park in partnership with:

  •   NSW Family and Community Services
  •   NSW Police Force
  •   St Vincent's Homeless Health
  •   Mission Australia
  •   Neami National
  •   Launchpad Youth Services
  •   Innari Housing
  •   Aboriginal Housing Company
  •   other specialist homelessness services.

This collaborative approach enables sharing of skills, knowledge and resources with better outcomes for vulnerable people and our communities. In 2015 this approach resulted in over 80 people who were sleeping rough accessing appropriate accommodation with support.