Our purpose and values

Guide everything we do

Our purpose and values

Caring for our city, creating a future for all is our purpose

No matter the role we play, caring for our communities, our environment, and our people is our foundation. We’re motivated by our clear, compelling plan for our global city: Sustainable Sydney 2030 – 2050 Continuing the Vision

Our 3 values are crafted by our people.

They guide our everyday behaviours and reflect us at our best.

Make a difference

  • We care about our community and strive to be our best every day.
  • We act with integrity in the best interests of our city and colleagues.

Better together

  • We do our best when we listen to the voices of others and work as a team.
  • We celebrate our diversity, finding ways for everyone to belong.

Embrace possibilities

  • We encourage curiosity and are open to new ideas.
  • We challenge ourselves to find the best solutions for our city and our organisation.