Statement of business ethics


Our guidelines for doing business with the City of Sydney fairly, honestly and ethically.

What to expect from us

Staff, which includes employees, contractors, consultants and volunteers, are bound by our code of conduct. They are accountable for their actions and are expected to:

  • use public resources effectively and efficiently
  • encourage fair and transparent competition while seeking value for money
  • protect confidential and proprietary information
  • deal fairly, ethically and honestly with all individuals and organisations
  • disclose any situation that involves or could be perceived to involve a conflict of interest
  • not seek or accept financial or other benefits for performing official duties
  • treat all potential suppliers with impartiality and fairness and given equal access to information
  • all procurement activities and decisions will be fully and clearly documented to provide an effective audit trail.

What we ask of you

We require all providers of goods and services to:

  • comply with our procurement policies and procedures
  • declare any actual or perceived conflicts of interest as soon as you become aware of them
  • act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings with us
  • take all reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure of confidential information
  • provide accurate and reliable advice and information when requested
  • not offer City of Sydney staff any financial inducements or any gifts or other benefits which may influence or be seen as influencing them.

By complying with this statement of business ethics, you will be able to advance your business objectives and interests with us fairly and ethically.

You should also be aware of the consequences of not complying with our ethical requirements. Demonstrated corrupt or unethical conduct could lead to termination of contracts and loss of future work.


If you have any questions or wish to provide information about suspected corrupt or unethical conduct, please contact the Manager Risk & Governance by telephone or in writing.

Employees and contractors reporting serious wrongdoing such as corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious waste of public funds are protected by the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022. The act protects public officials disclosing corruption-related matters from reprisal or detrimental action and ensures disclosures are dealt with properly.

Manager Risk & Governance

GPO Box 1591
Sydney 2000
phone number
​02 9265 9084