Sydney Lunar Festival 2025 Year of the Snake drawing callout


Terms and conditions 

By entering your drawing(s) into the Snake Drawing Callout held by the Council of the City of Sydney ABN 22 636 550 790 (the “City”), you, (and your parent or guardian) agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Entry

  1. To be eligible the entrant must be a child between the ages of 5 and 12 years residing in the Sydney metropolitan area. Entrants must submit their entries in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  2. You must have the consent of your parent or guardian on your completed form to enter.
  3. Your parent or guardian must read and agree to your completed form and the terms & conditions for your submission to be considered.
  4. If selected, your parent or guardian consents to the City publishing your first name and age alongside your drawing as part of the SLF marketing campaign.
  5. If selected, and where requested by the City, your parent or guardian consents to you and your parent or guardian:
    1. participating in any related media events as part of the SLF marketing campaigns;
    2. providing comments about the drawing;
    3. being photographed; and
    4. having these comments and photographs published and communicated in media articles, the City’s social media channels or any medium used as part of the SLF marketing campaign
  6. Your parent or guardian must accompany you when attending SLF related marketing campaign activities, including those described above in clause 1(e).
  7. The City will exhibit selected drawings as part of the SLF25 outdoor exhibition program.
  8. Inclusion of any drawings in the SLF marketing campaign is subject to selection by the evaluation panel. The decision of the panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  9. Children of employees and Council representatives of the City and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.
  10. The City reserves the right to cancel or amend this Callout or these terms and conditions without prior notice.

2. Snake Drawing Callout period

  1. Commences 13 May 2024 9.00am, AEST
  2. Ends: 16 June 2024, 5:00pm, AEST
  3. Late or lost entries will not be considered.

3. Submission requirements

  1. The City is looking for very vibrant, colourful drawings of Snakes that are:
    1. Celebrating the Lunar New Year
    2. Highly imaginative
    3. Performing; anything from dancing to juggling or singing
    4. Holding a red envelope or lantern
    5. Happy, friendly, smiling, laughing, cheeky
    6. Strong and bold
  2. Drawings must be the entrant’s own work and be in colour.
  3. The Snake Drawing must be drawn in portrait orientation on A3 paper.
  4. Submissions can be drawn with any materials including pencils, paint, crayons, or in digital format (for example, Adobe Illustrator or similar).
  5. The Snake Drawing must not have any background colour or background artwork.
  6. Each drawing must be accompanied with a short description about the Snake (no more than 40 words).
  7. Entrants can submit up to 3 drawings, choosing from the actions or qualities listed in clause 3(a).

4. How are submissions evaluated?

  1. Drawings demonstrating a high level of creativity, colour and imagination will be selected for inclusion in the SLF outdoor exhibition program.
  2. This is a game of skill, chance plays no part in determining the selected drawings.
  3. An evaluation panel will view each entry and select a number of drawings for outdoor exhibition.
  4. The decision of the evaluation panel is final and no correspondence will be entered in to with respect of the Callout.

5. Notification

  1. Selected entrants will be notified by email by a representative of the City.
  2. Original hard-copy drawings may need to be sent in to the City.
  3. If original hard-copy drawings are required by the City, they must be received within two weeks of entrant confirmation. If not received within this time period, the City may in its absolute discretion select an alternate entrant.

6. Copyright and moral rights

You and your parent or guardian:

  1. warrant that you are the owner of all copyright in the drawing or have obtained all necessary approvals to permit the use of the drawing in the Callout;
  2. agree to indemnify the City for any breaches of the above warranties;
  3. grant the City a royalty free, perpetual, world wide, exclusive and irrevocable licence to use the drawing for any legal purpose, including, but not limited to, the right for the City to:
    1. retain a digital and hardcopy of the drawing (and you acknowledge that original drawings will not be returned to entrants);
    2. enlarge and adapt the drawing to fit as required for the marketing campaign or SLF installation or activation;
    3. reproduce, publish and communicate the drawing (or any part of it) in any media format, including but not limited to advertisements, street banners, postcards, brochures, posters, television/print media, website, merchandise, apparel and annual reports for the purposes of:
      1. marketing, publicity and promotion of SLF;
      2. the catalogue, publicity and promotion of the Callout;
      3. creating a non-commercial archive of the Callout. and
      4. other marketing and promotional purposes of the City; and
    4. permit the Competition sponsor to use the drawing for the purposes of the Competition and the SLF.
  4. If your drawing is selected, you grant the City the right to publish and communicate the comments and photographs described in clause 1(d) above in media articles, the City’s social media channels or any medium used as part of the SLF marketing campaign;
  5. Acknowledge that the City will use its best endeavours to acknowledge you in all marketing for the Callout under clause 6.c as the creator of the drawing.

7. Disclaimer and release

  1. The City accepts no liability for any claims of intellectual property infringement of moral rights related to an entry.
  2. Your parent or guardian releases the City and its partners from any claim with respect to infringement and moral rights related to your submission.
  3. Your parent or guardian will not be entitled to claim compensation for any damages to the original drawing while in the care of the City or the Callout production team and contractors.

8. Privacy

The City collects the entrant’s personal information for entry into the Callout for the purpose of providing and marketing the Sydney Lunar Festival 2025 – Year of the Snake (“SLF”) Drawing Callout (the “Callout”). Access to the information is restricted to the Council of the City of Sydney (the “City”) employees and other authorised personnel, however the first name and age of each entrant whose drawing is selected from the Callout will be published and communicated alongside their drawing as part of the related SLF marketing campaign. The images and comments of the successful entrant and their parent or guardian may also be published and communicated to the Public. The supply of this information is voluntary, however, if you are unwilling to provide this information, the City may be unable to provide access to the Callout. Please contact Customer Service on 02 9265 9333 or at [email protected] to access or correct your personal information. Any application will be considered in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy Act 1998. The Events and Festivals team at the City, located at 456 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000, is collecting this information and the City will store it securely.

For further details on how the City of Sydney manages personal information, please refer to our Privacy Management Plan.