Ultimo Community Centre social sport rules and conditions


This Centre has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy towards any behaviour deemed by game officials or City of Sydney staff to be inappropriate or anti-social. Such behaviour, either physical or verbal, will not be tolerated, and may result in game penalties or suspension or expulsion from competitions.

1. Rules

Rules are in accordance with the “Official Rule Book” and the “Social Sport Rules, Terms & Conditions”.

  1. Futsal: The centre’s futsal competitions follow rules and regulations outlined by the FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game.
  2. Basketball: The centre Basketball competitions follow rules and regulations outlined by FIBA.
  3. Netball, ASN; The Centre’s netball competitions follow rules and regulations outlined by The International Netball Federation (INF), Netball NSW and Netball Australia.
  4. Volleyball: The centre’s volleyball competitions follow rules and regulations outlined by Volleyball Australia (AVF) and the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

2. Safety

  1. All participants must demonstrate a duty of care towards everyone including other players, officials, staff and spectators.
  2. Dangerous and reckless play will not be tolerated
  3. Shin pads are compulsory for Futsal

3. Drugs and Alcohol

  1. If officials (i.e. Court Supervisor, referee or umpire) believe you are impaired by drugs or alcohol – you will not be allowed to play and may be asked to leave the Centre.

4. Jewellery/Finger Nails

  1. All Jewellery must be removed before playing, including studs and wedding rings. Taping is not allowed
  2. Finger nails protruding past the fingertip must be cut or covered with gloves, not taped.

5. Uniforms

  1. All teams must provide their own same colour singlets or shirts respectively.

6. Footwear

  1. Staff & court officials reserve the right to refuse player participation due to unsafe, inappropriate or lack of footwear.0

7. Game Times

  1. Game times – Will be published on the City of Sydney website noted above. Note - these game times may change throughout the season due to delays caused by special events, maintenance and weather. Competitions may be extended, resulting in a delay to the start of the next competition. We strongly advise that you check your game times on the day you are playing.
  2. UCC lunch games run between 12:00pm-2:00pm
  3. UCC evening games run between 6:00pm-8:00pm
  4. Competitions will be a minimum of 10 rounds, not including finals 2 weeks (top 4 teams). The centre takes no responsibility for number of forfeits incurred by teams. We can only guarantee a minimum of 10 rounds set out in each competition.

8. Length of Games

UCC timing of games varies depending on number of teams entered.

  1. Lunch – Between 2 x 13-15 minute halves
  2. Evening – Between 2 x 13-15 minute halves.
  3. Grand Finals – 2 x 20 minutes halves.

9. Clock Stoppages

  1. Netball, Volleyball & Futsal – no stoppages during regular play
  2. Basketball – Clock will stop on every whistle and baskets in the final minute of the game if the scores are 7 points or less (final 2 minutes and scores are 10 points or less for grand finals)
    1. Timeouts – 1 x 30sec timeout per half
  3. Injury Stoppages – Clock will stop for injuries
    1. For short injuries – clock will be restarted and game will continue as normal
    2. For long injuries – court supervisor will decide the time to be played or call the game off (score will be as at the stoppage of play).
  4. Heat – If the temperature is excessively hot, officials may impose mandatory stoppages during the game to help avoid injury.

10. Substitutions

  1. Volleyball – During Rotations
  2. Basketball – On any whistle
  3. Futsal – At any time. Must be made within 3 m of halfway and on the same side as your team bench .
  4. Netball – At half time

11. Commencement of Games

  1. Play can commence when all players on the court have signed on with their first and last name and number or position where appropriate.
  2. Penalties apply for teams not ready to play at designated game time. The first point will be applied at the designated game time and are as follows
    1. Basketball 2 points per minute
    2. Futsal 1 goal per 3 minutes
    3. Netball 1 goal per minute
    4. Volleyball 2 points per minute
    5. A forfeit will be declared after 10 minutes of play has passed
  3. Futsal and Basketball – 3 players needed to start the game.
  4. Volleyball – 2 players needed to start the game.
  5. Netball – 5 players are needed to start to game.
  6.  Mixed Comps –
    1. Futsal Indoor – Minimum 1 female and maximum 3 male.
    2. Futsal Outdoor – Minimum 1 female and maximum 3 male.
  7. If a player takes the court without signing on correctly the penalty shall be
    1. Basketball – Team tech foul
    2. Futsal – Penalty shot
    3. Netball – One goal and centre pass to opposition
    4. Volleyball – 2 points and serve to opposition

12. Extra Players:

  1. A player can regularly play in one team per competition ie Wednesday night basketball
  2. If you’d like to play in two (2) or more teams apply in writing to Centre for permission.(Permission will not be given for 2 teams in the same Div.)
  3. Players who have not arranged this prior to the first game of the session they first play for their second team will be deemed ineligible.
  4. For finals players must have played 4 regular season games to be eligible.
  5. If your team is short you can use a maximum of two fill ins. More than two fill ins and a loss will be recorded
    1. Fill ins cannot be used to provide a team a substitute player.
    2. Any fill in used will attract a penalty on the scoreboard of 5 points per fill in for Basketball, Volleyball and Netball and 2 goals per fill in for futsal.
    3. Fill ins can be from the same division or a lower division
    4. Netball fill ins are only allowed to play WA or WD
  6. Women cannot play in Men’s competitions, and Men in Women’s competitions.

13. Technical Fouls / Red & Yellow Cards / Suspensions

  1. This Centre has a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ policy with regards to aggressive behaviour both physically and verbally towards other players and officials.
  2. Any player ejected after two (2) yellow cards, or two (2) tech fouls will not be permitted to play their following game.
  3. Any player receiving any sort of ejection will miss their next game and have the incident reviewed by staff for a potentially longer suspension. Players may also face disciplinary action and suspension based on reports received post match. Investigation and disciplinary action will be in accordance with City policy and procedures. Team Captains and individuals (where details known) will receive communications regarding these proceedings.
  4. Individuals who accumulate 3 yellow cards or technical fouls in a competition will be suspended from their next game.
  5. Teams accumulating 5 such fouls will be docked 3 competition points.
  6. Team technical foul will be issued –
    1. If any team has at any time more than the maximum allowed players on the court.
    2. Excessive badgering of the referees by the bench players or team supporters.
  7. Serious Incidents – Participants are encouraged to report serious incidents including physical and verbal assault, racial abuse, sexual harassment etc to Police as well as Centre staff. All incidents should be reported immediately.

14. Rule Modifications

  1. Ultimo basketball (4 on 4 competition)
    1. No cross court.
    2. No 3 second rule.
    3. No inbounding to referee on outs.
    4. 6 team fouls per half then bonus shot (1 shot only for every foul after).
    5. No individual foul limit.
    6. 3 point line only on curved part of arc line. Straight line of arc is worth 2 points.
  2. Ultimo Mixed Indoor Futsal
    1. 1 female player must be on the court at all times not including the goal keeper.
    2. Males are not allowed to shoulder females off the ball.
  3. Ultimo Futsal –
    1. The goalkeeper cannot throw or punt the ball over the courts ½ way line on the full or without it touching another player or the ground in the goalkeepers half.
    2. If the ball hits the roof the ball shall be played as a side kick at halfway to the non-offending team, unless this disadvantages the team and then it will be played at the point on the sideline in line with where the ball hit the roof.
    3. Kicks deemed “hard” by the referee, whilst not in the act of shooting at goal (regardless of the gender of the goal keeper), will result in an in-direct kick for the opposing team.

15. Wet Weather

  1. In the event that a game is not completed due to weather and or an on court emergency, any game played until the point of half time will be considered played and the score shall stand as is. If the game is called off prior to half time, the match shall be replayed at a later date. All washed out games will be reschedule and played the week following the last scheduled round game.

16. Forfeits

NO RESCHEDULING OF GAMES: There is no option to reschedule games. If your team is unable to make a listed game then you will forfeit the match. Matches will not be played at a later date. This does not include games cancelled due to weather.

17. Grading of Teams

The Centre reserves the right to move your team up or down a division based on your standings in previous competitions and performance in the first 4 weeks of a competition.

18. Final Results

Team captains must sign the scoresheet at the conclusion of games . Results/scores cannot be disputed once published on website.

19. Refund Policy

  1. Registrations can be cancelled up to 14 days before the competition starts. We will refund you in full or provide a credit note.
  2. If your team withdraws from a competition within 14 days prior to the start of the competition or at any time after the competition starts, your fees paid will be non-refundable. We will not offer credit into other competitions.
  3. Applications for refunds must be made in writing via email to UCC at [email protected]
  4. If a fixture is cancelled and rescheduled (eg special event, maintenance) a refund will not be offered.
  5. In the event a cancelled fixture/s is not rescheduled, or a change in Terms & Conditions restricts participation, a pro-rata refund per fixture will be applied.
  6. We do not offer refunds for teams forfeiting against your team (forfeits are managed in the relevant section of the Social Sport rules, terms and conditions).
  7. We make every effort to ensure competitions run as scheduled. However, the City of Sydney reserves the right to alter the competition schedule at any time before or during the competition. No refunds will be provided in these situations.
  8. We reserve the right to cancel any competition if the required number of enrolments are not received.
    1. In these cases, we will provide a full refund or provide a credit note.
  9. If your team is removed due to non-compliance with the Social Sport rules, terms and conditions no refund will be offered.
  10. If a refund is to be issued –
    1. Refunds will be deposited into the account of which the original payment was made and may take up to 21 days to process.

20. Insurance

The registration fee does not include personal accident/injury insurance cover. Individuals are encouraged to consider private health insurance options.