Love Food Sydney

We’re working with food loving residents, hospitality providers and higher education institutions to reduce the amount of food wasted in Sydney.

Half eaten, wilted bread salad and banana on a plate

Join the food lovers tackling food waste

In partnership with the NSW Government, we’ve launched Love Food Sydney. Join to receive free access to tools that teach simple and cost-effective ways to reduce food waste, save money and in doing so, protect the environment.

Why be involved

Food waste is a bigger problem than you may think. Did you know NSW households and businesses throw away more than $10 billion worth of edible food each year?

When food decomposes in landfill it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least 28 times more harmful than carbon dioxide. Not only that, when you discard produce you also waste the natural resources like water and energy that go into growing, packaging, producing, transporting, selling and preparing food.

By reducing food waste, you’ll be taking action on climate change.

What you can expect

Residents – upon registering you’ll complete a survey then follow an easy 2-week program created by the NSW Government called Food Smart.

Businesses – upon registering you’ll be provided with online training modules.

NSW government - Love food. Hate waste. This project is a NSW government initiative funded from the waste levy.