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Parking meter rates vary depending on the time and location. Peak hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and off-peak hours are all other times. Sunday rates apply on public holidays.

Central Sydney's parking meter rate areas are available to view and download at the end of this page.  Fees indicated on the map are a guide only and shouldn’t be used as an exact reflection of every parking meter.

All City of Sydney parking meters accept payment by coin, credit card and mobile phone.

How to pay

Paying for parking is easy and secure. All parking meters display user-friendly instructions to help you with your transaction.

If you receive a parking infringement for not displaying a valid ticket and the machine is found to have been operating, then the infringement issued will stand. If non-cash payments are unsuccessful, you’re required to pay by coins and obtain and display a valid ticket..

You must abide by the parking restrictions and time limits posted on the signs. All faults must be reported. No refunds or change are available at the meter.


To make a payment, simply insert coins. When using a 'pay and display' parking meter, remember to collect your printed ticket and place it on your vehicle dashboard with the expiry time visible.

Credit card

All parking meters accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

You may insert or tap your card if your card supports it.

The tap and go facility is not currently available for American Express (Amex) cards.

To pay for parking using your credit card, simply follow the prompts on the meter.

Press the top right button to start the payment process.

Use the top left button to reduce the amount of time (the machine defaults to the maximum time allowed).

When you’re happy with the parking time, press the green button (bottom right) to confirm the amount. Insert or tap your card when directed to process your payment.

If you’re not using the tap and go facility, your credit card must remain in the meter until you are prompted to remove it.

Press the red button (bottom left) at any stage to cancel payment.

Remember to collect your printed ticket and place it on your vehicle’s dashboard with the expiry time visible.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone payments are possible at all parking meters. However, you will still need to obtain and display a ticket from the parking meter selected when using the phone payment option.

When using the phone payment option (including the mobile app), the meter selected will dispense your ticket once payment has been completed. If non-cash payments are unsuccessful, you must pay by coins to obtain and display a valid ticket

Visit Park Mobile to get started.


Road rules – parking

Ticket parking rates by area

Each year, the City reviews all its fees and charges, including parking charges.

We seek comments and feedback from our communities on the proposed fees and charges before they’re adopted by Council.

The proposed fees and charges for the 2020/21 financial year were adopted by Council on 29 June 2020.

The new fees and charges will be progressively updated across the City of Sydney local area from 1 July 2020.

The annual rate changes are in line with the consumer price index. The rates consider the areas of higher parking pressure in the city to help manage demand and turnover.

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Last updated: Thursday, 2 July 2020