Prepare for an emergency: residents, workers, visitors

Simple advice to follow if the city centre is disrupted for any reason.


Living, working or visiting the city centre

The central business district, or city centre, is the main commercial area in our local area. It stretches from:

  • Walsh Bay, Circular Quay, Opera House and Royal Botanic Garden in the north
  • The Domain, Eastern Distributor, Flinders Street, Moore Park Road and Driver Avenue in the east
  • Lang Road, Cleveland Street and City Road in the south
  • Broadway, Wattle Street, Pyrmont and Barangaroo in the west.  
If the city centre is disrupted for any reason, the state government's Sydney CBD emergency plan will come into force. The plan has 4 control measures you may be directed to follow.


Types of emergencies

An emergency is any incident causing significant disruption to individuals or the community and requires an immediate response. This may include a fire, a hazardous materials incident, a flood, a severe storm, an explosion, an earthquake, an outbreak of contagious disease, transport accident, civil disturbance or failure of electricity, water, gas or telecommunications services.

Be prepared and plan ahead

Emergency services have plans in place for responding to incidents and emergencies and will coordinate the response but you can also plan ahead. 

As a resident, worker or visitor to the City of Sydney, you should prepare for a possible emergency situation in the city centre. The more prepared you are, the calmer you will be if an emergency is declared by authorities.

You can prepare a personal emergency plan and prepare a Go Bag.

If you are a childcare worker, you can take some extra precautions for children in your care.

NSW Police Force

For all emergencies please dial 000 (triple zero). If your matter is not an emergency, call 131 444 or contact your local police station.

Local police stations