Preparing a Go Bag for emergencies

Pack essential items to take if you need to evacuate your home or workplace.


What is a Go Bag?

A Go Bag is a small bag packed with essential items in case you need to evacuate your home or workplace.

Depending on your circumstances, you might want to prepare a Go Bag for home and one for your workplace.  

Go Bag essentials 

  • Key personal information for your family members, including identification such as passports or driver’s licences.
  • A bottle of water for each household member.
  • Torch and battery-operated, portable AM/FM radio with spare batteries. Check use-by dates.
  • Appropriate clothing. In winter, you might need jumpers. In summer, hats and sunscreen. Comfortable walking shoes are also important.
  • Rainwear or an emergency plastic poncho.
  • Roll of toilet paper, personal hygiene supplies.
  • Pen and notepad.
  • Phone card and mobile. Remember your mobile may not work during a large-scale emergency.
  • First aid items and personal medications.
  • An extra set of car and house keys.
  • Credit and ATM cards, and a small amount of cash.
  • Map of your local area and the assembly areas.
  • Your personal contact list.