Food scraps recycling service: resources for building managers and champions

Some helpful materials to share with residents of apartment buildings participating in the food scraps recycling service.


As a building manager or building champion, you play an important role in making the food scraps recycling service work. Below you’ll find useful resources to let residents know when the service starts, keep them engaged and encourage new sign-ups.

Thank you, we couldn’t do this without you.

Letter for residents

Give this letter to residents who’ve recently moved in to let them know about the service. You could also give it to existing residents and remind them why it’s a great idea to sign up.

Food scraps recycling service – resident letterPDF · 174.16 KB · Last modified

Posters and guides

Download and print these posters and guides in A4 size or contact us and ask us to send them to you.

Food scraps recycling service – bin location posterPDF · 2.48 MB · Last modified

For chute rooms and common areas

Food scraps recycling service – reminder posterPDF · 1.51 MB · Last modified

For chute rooms and common areas

Food scraps recycling service – building manager/champion poster PDF · 1018.55 KB · Last modified

For office areas and staff rooms

Food scraps recycling service – household information guide PDF · 797.92 KB · Last modified

For sharing with residents

Social media posts and email messages

Share the below messages through your building’s email list, texting list, intranet or social media page. Remember to fill in the blanks with information relevant to your building.

You can save an image from our gallery below to share with your message or post.

Photo gallery

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Man standing alongside a recycling bin in front of a garbage truck
Person cutting up fruit and vegetables on a kitchen work surface
Person putting food scraps into a small recycle container

Common questions

Here’s everything you need to know to make food scraps recycling work in your building. Find out about preparing for collection, keeping kitchen caddies and bins clean, buying compostable bags and what to do when residents move out.

Need help?

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