Water guide for apartment buildings

Learn how water use affects common property electricity costs and how to measure, track and save water in apartment buildings.


This guide provides tips for saving water and explains how Sydney Water’s WaterFix Strata program works.

It also showcases how 2 apartment buildings in the inner city have cut water bills by as much as $64,000 a year and reduced energy bills by as much as $40,000 a year.


  • All water use in apartment buildings affects common property electricity cost.
  • Most high-rise apartment buildings have a single water meter. This meter measures use in common areas and individual apartments.
  • To help identify and rapidly respond to leaks, owners corporations should consider installing submeters at strategic locations on common property and subscribing to an online data monitoring portal.
  • WaterFix Strata offers free desktop assessments, more detailed reports, obligation-free quotes and flexible payment options for eligible apartment buildings
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