Sustainability resources for apartment buildings

Follow these simple steps to save energy, conserve water and reduce waste.


We all have a part to play in reducing our impact on the planet. Here’s how.

  • Smart green apartments: Around 75% of local residents live in apartment buildings. These vertical villages account for 10% of local greenhouse gas emissions, 38% of water use and 14% of waste. Find out how we can support you to improve your building's environmental performance and save money.
  • Grants: Add to what you love about your village and help different people in the community come together for something great. Find out about the types of grants on offer and all the latest success stories.
  • Community gardens: Part of the move towards locally grown foods. Community gardens can significantly reduce the carbon impact of transported fruits and vegetables.
  • Sydney City Farm: Find out more about volunteer opportunities, and sign up for workshops about edible gardens, composting and worm farming.
  • Plants and animals: Learn about the creatures that call our local area home. Find out what we’re doing to help them flourish and see what you can do too.
  • Waste in apartment buildings: Set your building up for success to reduce items going to landfill.
  • Water use in apartment buildings: Explore how water use affects common property electricity costs and how to measure, track and save water in apartment buildings.
  • Energy use in apartment buildings: Rate your building’s performance, develop an action plan, monitor energy, submeter your energy use and more.