Civic collection

A rich and varied collection that documents and celebrates our civic history.

Mayoral chain (detail).

The civic collection comprises items of movable cultural heritage that document the City of Sydney’s identity through historical, contemporary and emerging traditions and creative practices.

In the collection, you’ll find:

  • historical and contemporary civic portraits, historical and contemporary works of art in traditional and diverse media including pieces by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • furnishings that reflect the working requirements of a functioning council and interpret key phases of the historical development of our buildings, particularly Sydney Town Hall
  • historical items and memorabilia associated with our civic history, such as official gifts, plaques, memorials and insignia.

Management of the collection is directed towards acquiring, preserving and interpreting the following:

  • artworks and digital media that reflect the cultural diversity of our communities
  • furnishings that have significance to our properties, including Sydney Town Hall
  • historical items relating specifically to us in its civic administrative and ceremonial role.

How to view and access the civic collection

For more information about the collection, please contact us.

A number of items from the collection are available to view in our online catalogue.