Tree species list

The list includes 300 tree species to help guide planting in your property, or in our streets and parks.


We’ve developed this tree species list to help people plant trees that will thrive in our local area.

The list is a valuable resource and reference guide to assist in the future selection and planting of trees on public and private land.

We analysed hundreds of potential trees based on their physical traits, expert experience and opinion including Indigenous ecological knowledge, biodiversity needs, historical performance, and their ability to survive in our predicted future climate.

Selecting the most appropriate tree is important – the right tree must be planted in the right place and at the right time. It can also be complicated, with many factors to consider and balance before you select the right tree.

The data presented in the list will help you narrow down the potential options for the right tree based on various site conditions, design attributes and personal preferences. We have a short guide to help you use the tree species list (PDF 382 KB).

The list was developed with the assistance of professional arboricultural consultants, academics, landscape architects, an Indigenous consultant and experienced urban forest practitioners.

For more information on the list’s use and development refer to the tree species list – development and use report (PDF 1 MB).

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