Please keep dogs out of playgrounds

Enjoy our many parks with your dog. But for our children's health and safety, please keep dogs out of our playgrounds.

We must protect children from parasites and diseases that can be transmitted from dog litter.

You risk a $330 fine if your dog is in a playground.

Your dog is welcome to more than 400 of our parks and open spaces. Check the signs before you enter.

Bag it, bin it

Always remember to pick up after your dog. You’ll find free waste bags in most parks, but it’s best to bring your own.

Rangers can issue on-the-spot fines of up to $275 if you don’t pick up your dog’s waste.

People and pets

At the City of Sydney, we know that furry friends can bring joy and companionship to many of our residents.

Our services and policies ensure that pets remain healthy, well-socialised and safe, and that their needs are balanced with those of the wider community.

We encourage owners to be responsible for their pets. The pet you take home not only requires love and attention, but also needs food, exercise, grooming and health care.

Our companion animals policy outlines your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Pet owners are responsible for controlling their pets in the local neighbourhood and public places, as outlined in the NSW Companion Animals Act.

Dogs also need training to learn basic commands and to understand what you require of them. 

Owners should also learn about how dogs behave and children should be taught how to stay safe around dogs. All dogs need regular exercise and we provide off-leash areas for dogs to exercise. See our pages:

Off-leash parksDog obedience trainingDogs travelling in carsCatsAdopt a petAnimal shelters

Your dog should also be microchipped, desexed and registered. See our pages:

Microchip your petRegister your petDesex your pet

Our policy

We encourage responsible animal ownership and promote the benefits of owning dogs, cats and pocket pets, such as guinea pigs, rats, mice and rabbits. The City also aims to educate non-pet owners and children about animal behaviour and safety around other people’s pets.

Other parts of our policy covers the City's commitment to providing owners with off-leash exercise areas for their dogs while also ensuring non-pet owners have access to parks and gardens.

Download our companion animals policy if you would like to know more, or visit the Division of Local Goverment site if you would like to read the Companion Animals Act in detail.

Sustainable choices

We value environmentally sustainable city living and encourage residents to make informed choices when it comes to pets. There are many ways to reduce your household carbon footprint and choosing sustainable pet care products and services can make a real difference.

Taking responsibility for your free-roaming cat and keeping your dog under control outside the household is also important because domestic animals can have a negative impact on the City's biodiversity, including our native birds and wildlife.

Surrendering a pet

The City does not accept surrendered animals. If you are no longer able to care for your pet please contact the RSPCA, Cat Protection Society, Animal Welfare League or your local animal shelter for advice.

Do not dump or abandon your animal. It is illegal to dump or abandon your animal and animal cruelty charges apply.


Last updated: Wednesday, 23 January 2019