Pest control

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Many people contact the City of Sydney about pest issues such as rats, mice, pigeons and bees. We don’t offer pest control services on private property, however we do have a baiting and monitoring program to control rodent activity on public spaces.

Pest concerns on private land are the responsibility of the landowner and a licensed pest controller should be contacted. If the community's health and safety is at risk due to pests on a private property, we can investigate. When necessary we can take action on the owner or occupier of the property.

Rats in public spaces

Our pest control program includes the use of poison bait stations and solar powered SMART rodent control boxes. These pest control devices are located throughout the city to manage rodent populations.

If you notice activity on public or neighbouring properties, you can contact customer service on 02 9265 9333 and we will investigate.

Rats on private land

Where rats are found to be nesting on private land, the landowner is responsible for taking action. This may include engaging the services of a licensed pest controller.

Our compliance officers can take action on private land which is unsafe or unhealthy and when conditions such as the presence of garbage or other materials promote rat activity.

Managing rat activity

Rats are attracted to poor waste management to feed and nest. Make sure your property does not attract rats by keeping pet food inside and your land clean and in good condition at all times.

In public spaces please ensure all waste is contained within rubbish bins and report any illegal dumping to our customer service on 02 9265 9333.

Pest proofing your property using solid durable materials and screens can keep rodents and other pests out. Speak to your licensed pest controller about pest proofing your home or business to prevent unwanted entry into your property.

Bee control

Bees exist naturally throughout the city and generally do not sting if left alone. We will respond to swarms and nests that occur on public land to protect public health. You can report swarming bees on public land by contacting customer service on 02 9265 9333.

Swarms that occur on private land are the responsibility of the land owner to remove through the services of a licensed pest controller.

Pigeons, ibis and other wild birds

We don’t offer pest control measures involving pigeons. Owners of property impacted by nesting or roosting pigeons are advised to seek the services of a licensed pest controller.

The Australian white ibis is protected under section 98 of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. Our ability to intervene is limited with ibis but when necessary, we will investigate complaints in relation to nesting colonies on public land.

We don’t investigate complaints or initiate control measures with wild birds such as cockatoos, Indian mynas, or seagulls.


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Last updated: Monday, 9 March 2020