Sustainable city living

Sustainable city living

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Growing a more sustainable Sydney

We all have a part to play in reducing our impact on the planet.

Smart green apartments: Approximately 75% of local residents live in apartment buildings. These vertical villages account for 10% of local greenhouse gas emissions, 38% of water use and 14% of waste. Find out how we can support you to improve your building's environmental performance and save money.

Grants: City grants support projects that add to what you love about your village and help different people in the community come together for something great. Find out about the types of grants on offer and all the latest success stories.

Community gardens: Part of the move towards locally grown foods, community gardens can significantly reduce the carbon impact of transported fruits and vegetables.

Sydney City Farm: We have created a city farm in Sydney Park at St Peters. Find out more about volunteer opportunities, and sign up for workshops on edible gardens, composting and worm farming.

Plants and animals: Learn about the native plants and animals that call the local area home, find out what we’re doing to help them flourish and see what you can do too.

Residential apartments sustainability plan

The residential apartments sustainability plan is the City's first customer focused sustainability plan to deliver on our master plans for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and waste.

Please note:Our residential apartments sustainability plan is a supporting document to our Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan, which is the City's most up-to-date set of environmental targets and actions.

Residential apartment buildings contribute 10% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, consume more than a third of its water and generate 14% of total waste. By 2030, 80% of our residents will live in apartments and 90% of new homes will be in high rise apartment buildings.

The plan sets targets, outcomes and practical actions for increasing sustainability in new and existing apartment buildings which will save our community money and reduce emissions, water and waste. It draws on extensive studies and stakeholder engagement to address challenges.

Under the plan, apartment sector greenhouse gas emissions will reduce by 40% and water consumption by 7% by 2030 with 70% of waste diverted from landfill by 2021. These are ambitious yet achievable targets that take account of the considerable growth in the sector.

Last updated: Monday, 9 March 2020