Redfern Park World War I Memorial

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Installed 1919
A tall, black granite monument with two white marble statues stands in a park near a flagpole, surrounded by trees.
A white marble statue of a seated woman holding a scroll and wearing a wreath on her head, against one side of a black granite monument.
A tall, black granite monument with two white marble statues stands in a park. One statue is of a seated woman and the other is of a standing male soldier, carrying a flag.

A marble statue of an Australian soldier stands on a column while a matching sculpture of a young woman sits lower on the monument, in memory of local men who gave their lives in World War 1.

Artist: Unknown

Artwork description

This World War 1 memorial consists of a 2-stepped stone base with a stepped tapering pedestal and 2 figures carved from marble. A female figure is sitting on one side of the pedestal and a soldier is standing on a granite column that was restored after being damaged in a storm in 1975.

The tapering pedestal consists of a central shaft with shaped wings joined at each corner. The female figure is seated holding a scroll in one of the niches created by the tapering pedestal. The other niches contain inscriptions in gold, listing the names of local men who served in the World War 1.

The column toppled over during a storm and spent many decades in storage, until it was reinstated during conservation works in 2008.

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