Green Square Plaza market operator: register your interest

Project Status: Closed

Jessica Murphy

Outdoor Events, Markets and Busking Coordinator

Venue management

phone number
02 9246 7637
email address
[email protected]

We invite applications for a community market operator in Green Square Plaza.

We’re looking for a market operator who can provide a curated offering with a point of difference in the City of Sydney local area while complementing the area surrounding the plaza and existing businesses. The operator will also demonstrate a clear commitment to our goals in Sustainable Sydney 2030-2050 Continuing the Vision.

The market operator must be able to operate a weekly fresh produce and growers market on Saturday mornings. This market must be an interesting and vibrant destination selling quality goods and services which represents value for money.

The initial operation and management period would be for a one-year licence term with 2 options for 24-month periods (a maximum of 5 years total).

You must complete all parts of the request for proposal forms. The City of Sydney may reject any application that is missing returnable information.

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