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Get your application in before 5pm, Monday 6 November

We welcome an annual intake of owners corporations into our smart green apartments program. Applications are open now.

This could be a great opportunity for you to improve your building and connect with others making impressive upgrades in apartment communities.

Buildings will be chosen based on:

  • capacity and commitment to improve environmental performance and resilience
  • potential for making big savings – we’ll consider issues like the size and complexity of your building, and the amount of energy and water consumed.


  • Your apartment building must be in the City of Sydney local area.
  • Your apartment building must have a minimum of 50 residential apartments. 
  • Your owners corporation (or equivalent) must show a high level of commitment and capacity for improving your building’s environmental performance, including your NABERS energy and water ratings and waste management.
  • Strata-titled and company-titled buildings can apply, including those that are part of a building management committee/community association/precinct association or other tiered management structure.

Before you begin your application

To complete the application form you will need to know the following things:

  • Details of your building manager, strata management company and strata committee office bearer.
  • Your strata plan number, number of bedrooms in your strata scheme, and how many lots are shown in the registered strata plan.
  • If your strata scheme is part of a BMC or CA or some other shared arrangement. If this is the case, you’ll need to complete a separate application form and supporting documents for each strata plan. If successful, our program will cover the whole precinct.
  • Building equipment and service details such as how many lifts you have, if your pool is gas or electric heated (if you have one), if you have an online system for monitoring water and energy use.
  • How many common property electricity accounts your strata scheme has.

How to apply

For help with the application form please contact sustainability engagement coordinator Ailsa McConnachie-Folwell at [email protected].

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Join the program

Get your application in before 5pm, Monday 6 November