Wimbo Park redesign

We’ll create a bigger, better and more pleasant public space, extending from Bourke to South Dowling streets.

Project Status: In progress

Kristina Kalnins

Senior Communications & Engagement Advisor

Regal Innovations

Community Liaison

What we’re doing

We will create a bigger, better and more pleasant Wimbo Park, extending from Bourke Street to South Dowling Street.

In 2015 and 2016 we asked the community for ideas on what the new park could look like. These ideas helped us develop a concept design endorsed by Council in February 2017.  A development application was approved in September 2019 before a revised concept design for the park went to community consultation in early 2020. Following further community consultation, in June 2021 a modification to the development application was approved for the revised design of the park.

The upgrade includes:  

  • more shade trees and an open lawn
  • more parkland and less paving 
  • more casual seating 
  • a shared zone along Parkham Lane and a walking path through the park
  • a play area with in-ground trampolines and softfall mounds
  • a fenced and planted buffer separating the park from the light rail
  • reinstating the Wimbo Paddock Mural and Stonemasons monument.

New shade trees, people sitting on an open lawn and casual seating, people walking and riding in the shared zone along Parkham Lane and people walking along a path through the park.
People sitting under shade trees. People sitting on retaining walls and people riding along Parkham Lane, in the shared zone.

Next steps

We plan to start construction in late October 2022. Work hours will be 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday and 7:30am to 3:30pm on Saturday.

Roadworks to Parkham Lane and Parkham Place are expected to take around 4 months, weather permitting.  

The project will be constructed in 2 stages to allow for alternate access to the park. The road works to Parkham Lane and Parkham Place will be first and then works to the park will start.
The first stage for the road works will require some temporary changes to the parking and vehicle movements in Parkham Street, Parkham Place, Parkham Lane and Mort Street.

These temporary changes will involve:
  • existing one-way traffic on Parkham Street changed to 2-way traffic
  • removal of parking on Parkham Street to allow for the 2-way traffic flow
  • relocation of the Parkham Street school drop-off and pick-up to Mort Street, east of the school gate
  • existing one-way traffic on Parkham Lane changed to 2-way traffic.
Works in the park will follow and are expected to take around 8 months, weather permitting.

Our contractor Regal Innovations will have signs and traffic control in place to indicate these changes and keep you up to date with our progress.
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