Wimbo Park redesign

We’ll create a bigger, better and more pleasant public space, extending from Bourke to South Dowling streets.

Project Status: Planned

What we’re doing

We will create a bigger, better and more pleasant Wimbo Park, extending from Bourke Street to South Dowling Street.

In 2015 and 2016 we asked the community for ideas on what the new park could look like. These ideas helped us develop a concept design which was endorsed by council in February 2017.

We’ve now revised the concept design, in response to community suggestions, to make safety improvements and increase parkland.

The revised design includes:

  • more shade trees and open lawn
  • more parkland and less paving to reduce noise impacts of the light rail
  • more casual seating to enable physical distancing
  • a shared zone along Parkham Lane and a pedestrian-only path through the park
  • more plants and screening to maintain privacy for adjacent homes
  • more plants and screening around the existing substation and electrical kiosks next to Bourke Street
  • retained fence and planting buffer separating the park from the light rail
  • reinstating the mosaic mural and sandstone plinth.

Next steps

A development application for the new park was lodged in late 2018.

We sought community feedback on the revised concept design from 14 to 31 July 2020.

A modification to the development application opened for public comment in September 2020.

The modification to the development application has been approved, and the tender stage is planned for late 2021.

Construction is planned to start next year and will take around 9 months.

Revised concept design – Wimbo ParkPDF · 2.09 MB · Last modified
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