Water views at Beare Park, Elizabeth Bay
Family watches as toddler glides down the slide at Beare Park
Family on the swings and slide at Beare Park

At the bottom of Ithaca Road, next to the bay, the park has a large grassed area with harbor views and children's playground. Dog off-leash at certain times.


  • Attractions included

  • Children’s area included

    Partially fenced playground includes slide, swings and play boat.

  • Cafe included

    Cafe nearby at the marina.

  • Dog off-leash included

    Between 4.30pm and 9.30am seven days a week. 


  • Mobility parking within 300m included

    Approx. 50m at 7 Ithaca Road East side, between The Esplanade and Ithaca Road.

    There is 1 x 90-degree angled parking space, 3.7m wide by 5.1m long.

    90 degree angle parking rear to kerb.

    Vehicles under 6 metres only.

  • Onsite mobility parking not included