Your feedback on improving Pring Street, Woolloomooloo

Project Status: Under review

Public consultation period to

What we’re doing

We plan to improve Pring Street, Woolloomooloo to make it safer for people walking.

During the Woolloomooloo Playground upgrade consultations we heard community concerns about pedestrian safety on Pring Street, particularly for school children moving between the school, park and McElhone Steps. 

In response to this feedback we undertook traffic studies and have developed a draft design for traffic calming measures along Pring Street.

Our concept design includes:

  • removing 2 car bays on Pring Street
  • keeping 2-way traffic and installing a passing bay
  • new bollard areas to provide refuge zones for pedestrians and increase visibility around corners into and on Pring Street
  • new road paving to encourage drivers to slow down
  • a speed bump to slow traffic down the hill
  • retaining the existing 10km/h speed limits
  • moving existing speed limit signs to improve visibility
  • planting low hedges around the park entry to direct pedestrians across Dowling Street.
Proposed changes to Pring Street between Dowling Street and McElhone Street. The detailed map highlights the new shared way along the street adjacent to the playground. It shows the location of a new speed bump and corner bollard refuge areas for pedestrians near Dowling Street, a new surface to raise the shared way and removal of 2 parking spaces next to the playground.

Next steps

We will report all feedback and design changes to the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee and will continue to a detailed design. We will keep you updated on the progress of this project.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 22 April 2024.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation’s name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Other ways you can give feedback