Your feedback on installing permanent lighting in Joynton Park, Tote Park and Nuffield Park

Proposal to increase lighting in our parks.

Project Status: Under review

Public consultation period to

Why we’re doing this

We propose to install permanent lighting in the larger lawn areas of Joynton Park, Tote Park and Nuffield Park.

Residents previously told us they wanted greater use of local parks for exercise and dog walking during the evening in winter months. This would need more lights around the larger lawn areas.

In response to these requests, we held a lighting trial in Joynton Park from April to October 2022. We installed temporary lights in the open area of the park, which were turned on from 5pm to 10pm.

We found that more people used the park during the trial, which meant we needed to returf a much larger area of the lawn than in previous years. But the amount of time we needed to returf this larger area in spring remained unchanged at around 8 weeks.

What we’re doing

We’re now asking for feedback on permanent lighting in Joynton Park, Tote Park and Nuffield Park to support night-time activities. The impacts of this would include:

  • more hours to use the parks particularly during winter, with year-round lighting from sunset until 10pm
  • safer and more enjoyable spaces
  • closing and returfing a larger area in the parks for around 8 weeks each spring
  • more noise in the evening from park users
  • increased lighting, which can impact wildlife activity.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Monday 23 October 2023.

Feedback may be published in publicly available reports at the end of the consultation period. Your name or organisation’s name may appear in these reports with your feedback attributed. If you would like your feedback to be kept confidential, please let us know when making your contribution.

Other ways you can give feedback