Apartment living

Resources and information to build your strata knowledge and provide helpful tips and strategies.

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Strata Skills 101 workshops 

An ever-increasing number of local residents live in apartment blocks, also known as strata-titled buildings.

Approximately 80% of residences in our area are apartments – over 5 times the national average.

Different rules and approaches can apply in apartment blocks and not everyone is used to high-density living.

If you're new to apartment living, we have developed a series of workshops to build your skills in different areas of strata, and to provide you with helpful tips and strategies.

The workshops involve group work, they're stand alone and can be done in any order.

Sustainable Apartments

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Fire safety in apartments

The NSW Government has introduced laws to ban unsafe building products being used. Find out how to identify unsafe cladding and ensure your building is safe.

NSW Fair Trading

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