Floor space and employment survey 2017

Data on all businesses for every building in our area.


The 2017 floor space and employment survey was the third full survey within the current City of Sydney local area boundaries. Previous surveys were undertaken in 2007 and 2012.

The fieldwork started in April 2017 and took around 10 months to complete. The 2017 results form the most comprehensive data set of all businesses, floor space, employment and capacity measures.

The local area covers 26.15km² and the estimated resident population was 233,177 at June 2017 (Source: Regional Population Growth, Australia 2017-18 cat. no. 3218.0, released 27 March 2019). The total employment count for the 2017 survey was 501,786 workers.

Total figures

In 2017, in the local area there were:

  • 26,203 buildings
  • 23,511 business establishments employing workers.

Key changes between 2012 & 2017 surveys

  • Total internal floor space increased by 2.68 million square metres (7.6% increase) to 37,944,887m².
  • The number of businesses employing workers in the city grew by 8.7% to 23,511 establishments.
  • The city accommodated 501,786 workers, an increase of 66,017 (15.1% increase) since 2012.
  • The total number of dwellings counted was 120,656 representing an increase of 18,246 dwellings (17.8% increase).
  • There were 20,372 hotel rooms (0.5% decrease), 5,800 serviced apartments (29.7% increase) and 7,719 backpacker beds (23.5% increase) counted. 
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Local area overview and summary

Village groups

The City of Sydney has been divided into 10 village groups.

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Each group is unique and dynamic in its own right with its own set of social, economic and environmental characteristics. The 10 village areas are designed to recognise the diversity of local needs and values that exist across the city. The floor space and employment survey reports on each of the 10 villages separately.

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