Resilience strategy

Learn how we plan to strengthen our community’s ability to prepare for, withstand and adapt following major disruptions.

Resilience strategy document front cover
The City of Sydney local area is facing challenges from the impacts of climate change and social and economic disruptions. These threaten the city’s stability and prosperity. To address these challenges, we’ve developed this local resilience strategy. It sets out a vision for a more adaptive and prosperous city.

Our approach – 5 directions


1. An equitable, inclusive and connected community – how we address homelessness, perceptions of safety, lack of affordable housing, access to food, digital inclusion, social cohesion, loneliness and isolation.

We will:

  • Advocate for safe, healthy, appropriate, climate-proofed crisis, social, affordable and rental housing.
  • Monitor community wellbeing and equality to inform decision making about resilience initiatives.
  • Improve food security and equitable access to food.
  • Increase social connectedness within and between communities to strengthen their capacity to recover.

2. A climate resilient city
– how we adapt to a changing climate, including heat, drought, storms, flooding and rising sea levels, and create solutions for those who are most impacted.

We will:

  • Support our community to cope with increased heat and drought.
  • Update flood and sea level rise planning to prepare the city for predicted climate impacts.
  • Improve the City of Sydney’s ability to understand and manage climate risks and equity implications.

3. Places, buildings, and infrastructure for resilience
– how we manage our infrastructure and buildings to withstand shocks and stresses and improve community resilience.

 We will:

  • Embed resilience principles in asset management.
  • Collaborate with government and councils for accessible waste and recycling facilities with reserve capacity.

4. A prosperous local economy
– how we build the wealth of our communities through diversity, inclusiveness and revitalisation of our city

We will:

  • Analyse and communicate changes in the economy to help businesses and communities to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Promote economic diversity and inclusion to strengthen the innovation economy and the skills needed for a resilient future.

5. A prepared community
– how we’re working with communities and government to prepare organisations, services and people to respond to and recover from shock events.

We will:

  • Develop disaster preparedness and climate adaptation initiatives with priority communities who require additional support.
  • Enhance community facilities to assist priority communities who require additional support during shock events.
  • Support businesses to become more resilient and to contribute to community resilience.
  • Strengthen the City of Sydney’s emergency communications channels, ensuring they’re accessible to diverse communities.
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