Multicultural communities: research and reports

We offer a variety of multicultural programs and initiatives to foster vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities.

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The ways in which we support multicultural communities are set out in our Cultural Diversity Strategy 2008-2011. The strategy has 6 key objectives:
  • Celebrate and value diversity
  • Participation and access
  • Responsive services and support
  • An inclusive council
  • Leadership and advocacy
  • Sustain the global city

The document has also been translated into Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Russian and Thai.

Cultural Diversity Strategy 2008 to 2011 - EnglishPDF · 422.62 KB · Last updated
Cultural Diversity Strategy 2008 to 2011 - Chinese / 中文PDF · 621.8 KB · Last updated
Cultural Diversity Strategy 2008 to 2011 - Korean / 한국어PDF · 596.24 KB · Last updated
Cultural Diversity Strategy 2008 to 2011 - Russian / PусскийPDF · 317.5 KB · Last updated
Cultural Diversity Strategy 2008 to 2011 - Thai / ไทยiPDF · 365.72 KB · Last updated
Indonesian community research project reportPDF · 1.2 MB · Last updated

The Indonesian community in Sydney was growing rapidly but little was known about the issues it was facing. Working with the May Murray Neighbourhood Centre we set about profiling this community to identify its needs.

Indonesian community research project reportDOC · 1.37 MB · Last updated
Korean community needs assessment reportPDF · 1.14 MB · Last updated

The local Korean community faces various challenges living, staying and running businesses in central Sydney. We profiled and identified these needs in a research project, which was run in partnership with the City of Sydney, the Korean Women's Association and supported by 11 Korean organisations. 

Korean community needs assessment reportDOCX · 1.77 MB · Last updated
International students needs assessmentPDF · 300.67 KB · Last updated

Sydney is a temporary home to a significant number of international students. In 2008, the City undertook research into the experiences of international students and later produced resources to help people who come from overseas to study. 

Growing the Family Tree forum reportPDF · 2.31 MB · Last updated

Working in partnership with the Ethic Communities' Council of NSW and Relationships Australia, the City hosted a forum to explore the issues around intergenerational conflict in multicultural families.

What's in Your Name?PDF · 3.11 MB · Last updated

We asked young people to share the stories behind their names. We encouraged them to ask their families or carers where their name originated, and how it reflects their identity, religion, culture, family or heritage.

Whats in Your NameDOCX · 75.78 KB · Last updated