Report a vehicle that is illegally parked

Our rangers patrol the local area daily to encourage people to comply with parking restrictions and provide fair access to on-street parking for as many drivers as possible.

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What you need to do

What we need to know

  • We must have evidence of the offence being committed.
  • Supplying information in your report such as the number plate and location may help our investigation.
  • To gather evidence, our rangers may also use their own observations, photos, field notes, chalk marks and recording the vehicle wheel position electronically.

Other information

Ongoing parking problems

We manage ongoing issues with people who overstay in timed zones and ticketed parking areas by observing and encouraging drivers to change their behaviour and comply with parking restrictions.

When we’re notified of illegally parked vehicles, our rangers will patrol the area over a period of time. Attending immediately isn’t always possible and in many instances the vehicle has moved or is parking with a valid permit.

Parking safety issues

We respond as soon as possible if the illegally parked vehicle presents a public safety issue. This includes double parking, vehicles parked in restricted areas such as clearways, bus lanes or bus stops, intersections, no stopping zones or on footpaths and across driveways.

Please note: our rangers don’t have the authority to get vehicles towed. If you need to get a vehicle towed, please contact the NSW Police Force.