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Calley Clarke

Business Support Officer – City Engagement

Gareth Jenkins

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

We’d like your help to create a community vision and shape the public spaces in this neighbourhood.

This part of Redfern has gone through significant change in recent years. The Aboriginal Housing Company’s Pemulwuy redevelopment is nearly complete and new services are opening up. Aboriginal community members have moved back to the Block.

This is a place where many people live, work, study, visit, play, gather and pass through.

It’s an important place for the local Aboriginal community.

The streets, parks, community facilities and public art should reflect the needs and values of the people who share these spaces.

Any plans to improve local public spaces will be informed by the community’s vision for their neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood boundary

The map shows the areas we consider part of this work. The blue boundary shows the broader Redfern/Darlington neighbourhood and the orange boundary shows the area around the Redfern Community Centre, which is the focus of this plan.

Map showing boundary of the Redfern/Darlington neighbourhood: Cleveland, Little Eveleigh, Wilson, Codrington, Lander, and Shepherd streets. Inset is the smaller focus area, bounded by Abercrombie, Cleveland and Lawson streets.

Work underway

There are urgent issues we’re working to resolve now:

  • Signs for drivers to indicate this is an area where children play
  • Maintenance, including broken paving, kerbs and lighting
  • Monitoring and removing graffiti on public artworks
  • Access to basketball courts

Some issues require longer term solutions and will be addressed as part of the plan we’re developing for this neighbourhood.


This is part of a broader piece of work looking at the public domain in the Redfern and Waterloo area. These suburbs are undergoing significant change with redevelopment of several major sites and new transport infrastructure at Redfern station and the new Waterloo Metro station. These changes will affect the way the public domain works with more residents and workers using the streets and public spaces.

We’ll work with our communities to develop an overarching public domain plan and neighbourhood visions to inform future projects. This local neighbourhood plan is the first to be developed.

Next steps

Your feedback will help develop a vision and plan for the streets, parks and public spaces in this neighbourhood. It will also inform the development of future individual projects. This includes any future street improvements and upgrades for Redfern Community Centre park, Hugo Street Reserve and Yellomundee Park. We will continue to consult the community on the development of this plan and individual projects.

How you can give feedback

Consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 16 December.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

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Calley Clarke

Business Support Officer – City Engagement

Gareth Jenkins

Senior Community Engagement Coordinator

Other ways you can give feedback