Wimbo Park redesign

Wimbo Park redesign

Wimbo Park, Surry Hills

We will create a bigger, better and more pleasant Wimbo Park, extending from Bourke Street to South Dowling Street.

In 2015 and 2016 we asked the community for ideas on what the new park could look like. These ideas helped us develop a concept design which was endorsed by Council in February 2017.

The updated design includes:

  • more seating, native trees and plants, shaded areas and lawns
  • an urban plaza with a communal table and seating
  • a shared path for people walking and riding
  • a 'lost forest' play space, symbolic of the tree stumps found in the excavated creek bed of Sheas Creek
  • in-ground trampolines for children's play
  • reinstallation of the Wimbo Paddock mural, a colourful mosaic featuring hot air balloons.
Images: Artist's impression of Wimbo Park, Surry Hills

In response to community concerns about children's safety, the updated design includes a fence and more plants to separate the shared path from the light rail.

We have moved the long communal table to the centre of the plaza and included a large feature tree in the plaza area. The barbecue from the original design has been removed. 

A development application for the new park was lodged in late 2018. Submissions closed on 6 February 2019.

Construction will start when the light rail project is completed and the site is handed back to the City.

This project is being undertaken alongside the NSW Government's Sydney and south east light rail project.


Kristina Kalnins
Senior Communications & Engagement Advisor
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Last updated: Monday, 13 May 2019