Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Involving everyday people in the process of decision making.

Sydney 2050 citizens jury

Since November 2018, we've consulted our communities to help inform the vision for Sydney to 2050.

From August 2019 to November 2019, we partnered with newDemocracy to convene a citizens jury of 50 everyday people. The jury considered and made recommendations on concepts that should be introduced by 2050 so communities' vision for the city is realised. 

Jury members deliberated over 6 days on hundreds of responses to a public call-out for project ideas.

How a citizens jury works

A citizens jury includes everyday people directly in the process of decision making. It's made of people from our communities who bring their local knowledge to develop a consensus on the recommendations they'll present to Council.

These juries work because they're run by the citizens with independent facilitators. Jury members have access to information and detailed evidence, and they can request to hear from subject-matter experts of their own choosing.

Jury meeting summaries

Citizens jury concepts reportPDF · 3.69 MB · Last modified
Context for decision makers key operating elementsPDF · 143.7 KB · Last modified
Our Future Sydney: Consulting children and young people about 2050PDF · 1.53 MB · Last modified

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