Making Sydney a sustainable destination

Making Sydney a sustainable destination

Green leadership for Sydney

Leading hotels, event centres, cultural institutions and tourism bodies are working together to improve environmental performance and build Sydney's reputation as a leading sustainable destination.

Led by the City of Sydney, the Sustainable Destination Partnership aims to:

  • improve the energy, water and waste efficiency of buildings in the local area
  • increase the uptake of renewable energy
  • engage with regulators on major environmental policy and regulatory issues.

Officially established in June 2018, the partnership has committed to supporting the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision.

Choosing sustainable accommodation

Environmental ratings allow businesses to understand their impact, identify opportunities and improve performance. By asking your accommodation provider if it has an environmental rating, you emphasise that as a guest, reducing your travel impact matters. Recognised ratings in Australia are NABERS for Hotels, EarthCheck Certification or Green Star Performance.

The City has developed a guide on how companies can give their business to hotels that have a rating.

If you're an accommodation provider, there are a number of ways that certification can help your business.

Sydney's global ranking

The Global Destination Sustainability Index is the leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement program for meetings and events destinations.

The index is aligned with the UN sustainable development goals. It measures and compares the environmental impact, social performance, sustainable practices of suppliers and sustainable strategies and programs in participating cities.

Sydney has been participating in the program since 2016, with joint submissions by the City of Sydney and Business Events Sydney. Sydney was ranked as the world’s 9th most sustainable destination for 2018.


Last updated: Tuesday, 14 July 2020