Business in your sector

Business in your sector

Working to develop your business sector

Sydney is recognised as Australia’s only global city and the leading knowledge-based economy in the country.

More than $108 billion is generated every year within the City of Sydney's local area, which represents over 7% of Australia's economy.

Sydney possesses a range of important economic advantages and attributes, including strong clusters of high value industries and closely-linked sectors, international connections and a highly skilled pool of workers attracted to Sydney’s unique lifestyle.

The City recognises the unique economic importance of our area and has developed a 10 year strategy to strengthen the economy and support business.

The strategy identifies key industries that we will be working with to capitalise on existing strengthsand how we work with these areas and their cross-sector themes to ensure Sydney's economy continues to grow.

Key industries

These sectors include:

  • retail
  • tourism
  • tech startups
  • international education.

Cross-sector themes

The sector themes cover:

  • Aboriginal enterprise and employment
  • supporting small business
  • strengthening connections with Asia
  • supporting entrepreneurs.

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 March 2020