Aquillon apartments

a white building

Built in 2004, Aquilon is a residential apartment building located in Camperdown with 129 units. It's one of 11 strata schemes that are part of City Quarter Community Association.

The owners corporation received 2 of our green building grants, one in 2017 and one in 2022.

The initial report identified several ways the building could improve its energy efficiency and performance, one of which had a payback period of only 10 weeks.

What they did

  • Common area lighting was upgraded to LEDs with integrated sensors
  • The existing carbon monoxide monitoring system was reinstated in the carpark
  • Switched to purchasing 100% GreenPower for common areas


  • Avoided more than 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year
  • From May 2017 to May 2022 electricity use dropped by 60% 

Aquilon’s switch to 100% GreenPower wasn’t fully reflected in its 5-star NABERS energy rating. It achieved this rating before NABERS introduced the Renewable Energy Indicator (REI).

If Aquilon decides to get another NABERS rating next year, the switch to GreenPower will be highlighted separate to its energy efficiency score. We expect Aquilon would get a 73% REI rating – a big jump up from 15% without GreenPower! 

“The green building grants allowed us to greatly reduce current energy use and provide the platform to further investigate programs that will be of long benefit to residents and the climate going forward.”

– Strata committee member, Ken Saville.