Mondrian apartments

A modern apartment façade with recessed balconies and a lawn area with trees in front. The building is several storeys tall.

Hosting 137 apartments, Mondrian is a residential complex in Waterloo.

It was one of our first participants in smart green apartments in 2012 and has been dedicated to cost-savings and sustainability ever since.

What it did

Mondrian has managed a staged approach to energy and water efficiency upgrades.

  • Pre 2013: Replaced halogen downlights with LEDs in common areas
  • Pre 2013: 13,000L rainwater tank installed for lawn watering
  • 2014: sensor-controlled LEDs installed in car park and fire stairs
  • 2014: carbon monoxide sensors installed to control car park ventilation
  • 2017: Rooftop solar installed for powering common areas


  • Electricity use is now half what it was in 2011/12.
  • Mondrian reached a 5.5 star NABERS Energy rating.
  • By choosing to switch to a GreenPower electricity plan for common property, Mondrian’s NABERS renewable energy indicator hit 93%.
  • As overall electricity use was reduced, Mondrian installed a pump to heat its outdoor pool for the first time. Running costs are one third of what gas heating would have been.