St James apartments

two blue-collar workers looking at gas storage water heaters placed on a rooftop.

St James is a mixed-use building in Darlinghurst with 101 apartments and 2 commercial tenants operating on the ground level.

A former hotel built in the 1920s, St James was converted to a residential building in the 1950s.

We gave the building a grant for its first NABERS rating and an energy action plan. 

St James’s high-water use meant it was eligible for Sydney Water’s WaterFix program. WaterFix helps apartment buildings find effective ways to save water. These might include finding concealed leaks, repairing leaky taps or installing water-efficient devices.

What they did

  • Over 3 days the WaterFix team found and repaired hidden water leaks, including a significant leak in one of the commercial premises.
  • Shower and toilet fittings were replaced, as well as inefficient appliances in apartments and common areas.


  • Water use dropped by 26% – from 353L to 260L per bedroom a day. This saves around $10,000 per year for the owners.


  • Communicating with residents was crucial as there were planned disruptions to water supply during the project. Sydney Water’s project manager communicated by email, telephone and face to face conversations. This ensured residents were aware of the works.
  • The building manager worked closely with apartment owners and Sydney Water to complete the project. This is crucial.

“Without this grant, we would not have been connected with WaterFix or have undertaken such a water saving project.”

– St James building manager, Patrick.