Living colour displays

Our Living Colour program brightens our local streets and celebrates the change of seasons.

A vibrant urban street scene with a focus on a flower bed filled with colourful blooms. In the foreground, there are striking orange flowers with dark foliage, complemented by purple and red flowers. The background features a bustling city street lined with modern buildings and trees. People can be seen walking along the sidewalk, enjoying the sunny day. The overall atmosphere is lively and inviting, with the flowers adding a touch of natural beauty to the urban environment.

Seasonal displays

Our Living Colour program is a much-loved yearly installation that celebrates seasonal colour in areas such as Martin Place, QVB, Sydney Town Hall and Green Square.

The spring and summer displays let people engage with ornamental horticulture to promote wellbeing, connection and environmental awareness.

Outdoor urban space with a clear blue sky. There are multiple rectangular wooden benches arranged in a line on both sides of the frame. Between the benches, there are large rectangular planters filled with vibrant flowers and lush green plants. The flowers appear to be in full bloom, adding a pop of colour to the scene. In the background, there are trees and a modern glass building on the right side. On the left side, there is a series of promotional banners attached to a fence, partially obscured by trees. The pavement is made up of large square tiles, and the overall setting suggests a well-maintained public area designed for relaxation and enjoyment of nature within an urban environment.
A street scene with a row of large, historic buildings, prominently featuring the Colonial Mutual Life Building. The buildings have a classic architectural style with large windows and intricate stonework. In the foreground, there are planters with neatly trimmed, cone-shaped bushes adorned with flowers. Tall trees with green leaves provide shade along the street. People can be seen walking along the sidewalk, and the overall atmosphere appears to be calm and pleasant, with a focus on the greenery and historic architecture.
A vibrant flower bed filled with a variety of colourful blooms. In the foreground, there are bright yellow marigolds, while the middle section features red foliage plants. Tall orange flowers dominate the back of the flower bed, creating a striking contrast. The flower bed is placed in an urban setting, with buildings and a subway entrance visible in the background. The scene is sunny, highlighting the vivid colours of the flowers.

Why we’re doing this

Living Colour is one of the ways we’re creating a sustainable, liveable, creative and vibrant city.

 The displays enliven streets and public spaces with high impact, creative and colourful floral displays where permanent planting in the city centre and neighbourhoods isn’t possible.

We use recycled non-potable water to water the displays. We recycle suitable plants after the seasonal display through giveaway programs for schools, community and day care centres, and customer service centres.

Annual plants that aren’t in good enough condition to give away are separated into green waste that goes into compost and soil, which is reused in future displays along with the plastic pots.