Getting started

Getting started

Community gardening

The first step to create your community garden is to find a group of enthusiastic and committed local residents to support it. As a team, you can share ideas, the workload and at the same time develop relationships to ensure your garden is successful.

The next step is to look at our community gardens guidelines that describes how community gardens are set up and looked after. If you decide to start a community garden on City land, make sure you read our community gardens policy, which includes:

  • how to establish your community gardening group
  • your rights and responsibilities as community gardeners
  • how to conduct a site assessment
  • discussing your proposal with is to identify any issues before submitting your application.

You can also read our community gardens guidelines and preferred materials for use in community gardens.

What is a verge garden?

These clever little gardens sit between the street and the footpath.

We love that you’ve got the initiative to create loads of green space in your community, but bear in mind that verge gardens require careful design to make sure pedestrians can safely use the footpath and cars can still park on the street.

More information about getting started

We want to help you create your garden and make your community, and our city, greener. We can help you plan and design your community or verge garden and to complete an application.

We're here to provide ongoing support and advice whenever you need it:


For more information or advice about setting up your community or verge garden, please contact:

City of Sydney 02 9265 9333

Last updated: Monday, 17 February 2020